Shark Bay 4WD

Dirk Hartog Island Full Day Tour

Follow in the footsteps of legendary explorer Dirk Hartog and embark on an adventure to Cape Inscription, the Northern most point of Dirk Hartog Island. And the location of the iconic lighthouse and the site of pewter plate left by Dirk Hartog himself back in 1616.

Francios Peron Nation Park 4x4 tour

The Francios Peron National Park is backed with places to explore and wildlife to see. Cruise up into the national park, got snorkelling at bottle bay and visit Skipjack Point lookout, where you can spot dolphins, dugongs and manta rays!

Steep Point 4x4 Tour

Tackle the rugged terrain as you make your way out to explore Australia's most westerly point. Visit pristine untouched beaches and the rugged coastline on this full day tour.


Snorkel with the stromatolites

Visit some of the oldest living organisms on the planet and share an experience with them few people do, snorkel with them!

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