Do I have to do a tour of the aquarium or can I just wander around myself?

Ocean Park is an aquarium experience like no other! All of the tour guides are qualified marine biologists that are passionate about their jobs and the animals in their care.

The aquarium has no directional signage and is designed so we can show you the animals, feed them, explain a little about their lives and answer all of your questions.

The #1 feedback we get from past customers is that the best part of the aquarium is the tour guides – their passion and knowledge. We ask that you stay with your tour guide for a least a full rotation, and then you are welcome to leave the tour and explore the aquarium yourself for the rest of the day.

Why don’t you have dolphins or dugongs in the aquarium?

Dolphins and dugongs are highly sensitive marine mammals that live in complex social groups. These animals are not suited to a life in captivity. For this reason, it is illegal to hold dolphins and dugongs in aquariums in Western Australia. You can see wild dolphins and dugongs in their natural habitat from the Oceans Restaurant deck or at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience, and dugongs on a wildlife sailing cruise in the Shark Bay Marine Park.