Francois Peron National Park

Where the desert meets the sea and heaven touches earth

Tour Includes

  • Famous red Cape Peron sand dunes
  • Marine life spotting at Skipjack Point
  • Unique ecosystems of the Peron Peninsula
  • Pastoral history
  • Relax in the Peron Homestead hot tub
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

08:30 from Monkey Mia Reception ($50 surcharge)
08:45 from Denham (Discovery Centre or your accommodation)

16:30 to Denham
16:45 to Monkey Mia

Why choose us?

With over a decade running 4WD eco tours in Shark Bay we pride ourselves on our level of service. We take small groups of people to some of the most pristine areas in Western Australia. 

All tours are subject to weather conditions and minimum numbers of four. Snorkeling spots will be chosen by the driver subject to weather conditions.



$205 - Adults

$185 - Children (under 16 years old)

Francois Peron National Park is an excellent four wheel driving area. Red sand dunes covered by acacia and surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Shark Bay World Heritage area. Dramatic cliffs and white sandy beaches complete the picturesque natural landscape.

The Park is home to many rare and endangered species. Including euros, thorny devils, racehorse goannas, emus, fairy-wrens and thick billed grasswrens.

Francois Peron National Park was named after the French naturalist and explorer, Francois Peron (1775 – 1810). In 1801 he travelled as a naturalist on the expedition of Nicolas Baudin, who came to Australia on an exploratory expedition under instruction from Napoleon Bonaparte. The expedition mapped much of Australia’s south western and southern coastline, including Tasmania.

Skipjack Point beach Francois Peron National Park
Thorny Devil Francois Peron National Park
Wildflowers at Bottle Bay Francois Peron 4WD Tour

Your tour guide will take you to Cape Peron. Where crystal blue waters, soft white sand and rugged red dunes meet. Spot Shark Bay’s amazing marine life from Skipjack Point. Where turtles, dolphins, dugongs, sharks and rays forage in the shallow waters.

As you 4WD around Peron National Park, your tour guide will immerse you in the rich pastoral history of the area. Pointing out hidden sandalwood groves, prehistoric thorny devils and much more! Weather permitting, we can also take a dip at Bottle Bay and snorkel for elusive marine wonders.

At the end of your day, relax in the Peron Homestead hot tub before being dropped off at your accommodation.